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Smadav Crack Free Download

SmadavSmadav Crack Key is a leading antivirus software. It provides you second layer protection. Second layer protection is referred to a very modern system of data protection and scanning. Smadav Pro Serial Number performs in real time environment. It provides high level safety. It identifies all kinds of viruses, worms, trojans, and infections in a few seconds. Not only it scans our files, but it also scans and deletes infections from windows registry files. It comes up also with an ability to fix the registry files.

It provides three special features to secure our data. Firstly, it scans our scan our usb drives to make them completely protected and secured. It not only scans the shown or known viruses from the usb drives but it also deletes all types of latest and most fatal hidden viruses too. There are huge number of antivirus software available in the market. They advertise that their antiviruses can scan and removes all types of viruses. But matter of sorrow it can’t work properly and smadav becomes one of the best and top notch antivirus software in the market.

Smadav Pro Serial Key main purpose is to protect our usb drives from all types of latest and old viruses. It’s prime focus is to protect and secured our usb drives from all types of viruses. Moreover it protects our computer system from all the harmful viruses. It increases our computer performance and speed too due to its real time system.

We know that Smadav Pro is designed and developed by zainuddin nafarin with some online volunteer’s. Smadav License Key appears with a very user-friendly interface. You can perform any kinds of action with just a single click. It’s one of the most polished designed optimized antivirus software. it is a optimized antivirus, as it comes up with a so tiny size of less than 5 MB. That’s why, you can use it simply in any devices. You don’t require to have an additional ordinary computer system for its installation. Anyone can easily install this portable weighted and optimized software in an ordinary computer system. Due to its tiny install installation requirements. It’ll never decrease your computer performance.

It works in an inherent structure, so you can easily scan all types of viruses. Moreover you can restore any virus containing file with just a single click. Its latest update appears up with 98051 virus clean features. By this way you can easily conclude the effectiveness of this software. Smadav cleans all the vulnerable files and clean up the storage space of your hard disk. This method makes your computer system performance good.

Smadav manually updates its virus scanning database via internet with some little updates. It scans your computer system in lightning fast speed and detects all the harmful and bug containing files. Its fast scanning mode will increase your computer speed. As it decreases the usage of cpu by removing unnecessary and harmful files. Smadav free version just permit you to use it on non profit systems. You can use it for your computer, However, here on you can use it for your any cause. You can also download Smadav Apk

Smadav latest versionSmadav Crack Features:

  • It works in real time environment system.
  • It is a very user friendly Interface.
  • Manually updates its virus scanning database for better performance.
  • It has second layer protecting system.
  • Makes your computer system completely secured and protected all the time.
  • Smadav Pro comes up with a main objective of securing usb drives.
  • Scans and detects all the viruses very quickly.
  • Develops the performance and speed of devices fast than ever.
  • It is portable and small size.
  • Removes all the conceal viruses too.
  • Smadav Pro makes a very protective layer against the firewall of computer system.
  • It comes with a admin password feature to limit the usage to its sub devices.
  • You can change its color.
  • It able to fix your computer system registry files too.

Why people prefer to use Smadav Pro instead of others?

  • It performs very responsively in Windows Operating System and MAC OS. Moreover, you can use it in your android or iOS devices simply. It is basically used in large organizations, banks, schools and offices due to its high protection behavior.
  • Very small in size.
  • It Works easily in an ordinary computer system and doesn’t require any specific requirement for installation.
  • Even, it Increases computer performance to next level.
  • Your usb drives becomes super safe & secured.
  • If you use it then you can easily check all the deleted viruses from a desired file with a single click.
  • Moreover you can restore any infected file from its virus chest.

Smadav Full Download Here

SmadavSmadav Antivirus is one of the best antivirus for protecting your computer. It is invented in Indonesia. This software is popular worldwide because of its lightness and effectiveness. Smadav Antivirus is planned as second layer security for your PC. Smadav Pro is an superfluous antivirus to keep your PC from malicious attacks, especially viruses from removable media as like as flash disks, optical drives, network drives. It scans every plugged light device in your computer, especially from your usb drives.

Smadav Pro Full Version gives you with a sidekick for your existing antivirus solution. Moreover, it can be used as a main software, but we highly recommend not to put all of your believe into its capabilities of keeping your files safe.

As it is an Indonesian application has nothing to do with our recommendation and although it is advertised as extra protection for your computer, you can ask yourself why would you add additional protection to the antivirus program you already have installed on your system by extending yet another program. You can also download Smadav Key Download

What is Smadav Pro?

  •  Smadav Full Crack is an extra antivirus software which is planned to protect your computer. Extra protection for your computer, 100% balanced with other antivirus software! Works with your main antivirus as an extra layer of defense.

Is Smadav Best Antivirus?

  • Yes, Smadav Keygen is one of the best antivirus all over the world. You should bear in mind that it will never be used as a core anti-virus software, however something which can work alongside any antivirus software. It is good to have as a second opinion anti-malware scanner.

Smadav windowsSmadav Full Features:

  • Superfluous antivirus to save your computer
  • Manually update (internet connection required)
  • Change the color theme basically (color settings)
  • It disable all access updates, tools, and settings
  • Exclusion List to ignore (skip) scanning the file
  • Filter simply and speed up the scanning process
  • Completely compatible with other antivirus software
  • It protects viruses that spread through USB drives
  • It removes viruses and also fix registry problems

Smadav Pro Functions:

Protection for your computer:

  • Maximum antiviruses cannot be installed with other antiviruses, this is because they are planned for primary protection on your computer. Unlike Smadav that is designed as extra protection, so it is most likely to be compatible and can run well even though there is another antivirus on your PC, in this case Smadav serves as a second layer protection. Smadav has its own ways in detecting and cleaning viruses in order that it will further increase security on the PC.

USB flashdisk protection:

  • USB Flashdisk is one of the biggest media spreading viruses in the world. Smadav has special technology for the prevention of viruses which spread through usb flash drives. Smadav has quite a number of virus signatures which infect the flash, and has a special capability to detect new viruses on the flash even though it is not yet in the Smadav database. Not only prevention, but also Smadav is able to clean viruses that infect and restore files which are conceal by viruses on the usb Flashdisk
  • Smadav is good enough for computers which are rarely connected to the internet. It doesn’t require to update as quickly as other antiviruses. It does not really depend on the signature virus database, but rather depends on behavioral detection techniques, heuristics, and whitelisting etc .

Portable antivirus:

It has great advantages in terms of very tiny installation size (under 2 MB) and Smadav uses very little internet when active on a PC. Moreover Smadav only need a very small computer resource. Smadav is active requires just a small amount of memory (usually under 10 MB) and tiny cpu usage.

Smadav 14 Key Download Free

SmadavSmadav Pro is an awesome antivirus software to save your PC from attacking of anti viruses. Smadav Key is an extra antivirus software planned to protect your Windows PC. Smadav Antivirus is a easy security program which provides real time antivirus protection, ensuring that your Windows PC is saves always from virus attack.

Smadav Keygen is so simple to use and realize. It is a portable application which can be used as a second layer antivirus on your computer. Maximum antivirus solutions cannot be installed with different solutions, and this is because the antivirus is planned for primary protection on your PC. Moreover, it can x registry damaged or altered due to malware contamination.

Viruses in computer is a common phenomenon in recent years. The virus exploits your PC to execute unwanted actions. Smadav will not slow down your PC, you can observe the functioning of this antivirus without you seeing it working. Smadav Antivirus is exceptional antivirus software which was created to protect your Windows Computer.

The latest Smadav Pro has been developed to have the ability to scan usb keys. Smadav License Key offers you crazy turbo features which speed up scanning practices. Smadav uses a scanty part of your computer’s resources because it is rather light software. Smadav will continue to save your PC and protect you from harmful content from trying to steal your personal information and damage your computer. You can also download Smadav Antivirus Terbaru

Smadav windowsSmadav Key Features:

  • Excessive protection for your computer, compatible with most other antiviruses.
  • Maximum antiviruses cannot be installed with other antiviruses because they are planned for the main protection of your computer. Smadav which is planned as extra protection, it is, therefore, most likely compatible and can work well even if there is another antivirus on your PC, in this case, Smadav serves as a second layer protection. Smadav has its own process (behavior, heuristics, and whitelist) to detect and clean up viruses in order to further develop computer security. Since the use of Smadav resources is very low, Smadav does not add much to the contribution liability of your computer when in use.

USB Flashdisk Protection:

  • USB Flashdisk is one of the well known viruses in the media. Smadav has special technology for preventing viruses which spread via usb sticks. It has a number of virus signatures which infect the flash and has the special ability to detect new viruses in a flash even if it is not yet in the Smadav database. It not only prevent but also Smadav is capable of cleaning up viruses that infect and restore files hidden by viruses on a USB flash drive. Smadav Pro is very good for computers which are rarely or even not connected to the Internet. This software does not require to be updated as often as other antiviruses. Smadav does not actually depend on the signature/virus database, but rather depends on behavioral detection techniques, heuristics, and whitelists.

A mild Antivirus:

  • Smadav Key Generator is very portable in size (less than 10 MB) and Smadav uses very little Internet when it is active on a computer. Besides Smadav requires very little IT resources. When Smadav is active, it needs only a small amount of memory (generally less than 20 MB) and small use of the processor. With very little use like this, Smadav will not significantly impact your other work. Moreover you can install other antiviruses which can coexist with Smadav to save your computer.

Cleaner and tools for cleaning viruses:

  • This awesome Smadav Pro can clean your computer against viruses automatically by using the tools provided by Smadav. Besides Smadav can repair a registry which has been corrupted/modified by a virus.

Some devices which can be used on Smadav Pro to automatically clean viruses are:

  • A virus user, to add virus files and clean them automatically.
  • It can process manager, to manage the processes and programs that run on a PC.
  • System modifier, to correct system parameters modified by a virus.
  • Win-Force, to extract/open a system management program under Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to strengthen the protection of computer readers against viruses.

Smadav Pro Features:

  • It eliminates the initial message.
  • Features devices in the application.
  • There has additional settings (RTP) in the application.
  • It can change sizes / display color.
  • This provide admin password.
  • This software permits to use profit.

Smadav Pro Key Free Download

SmadavSmadav Pro Crack is very effective and potent antivirus program. It saves your system from free viruses and gives awesome results. This program includes all former functional criteria. This is why many user love this product all over the world. Furthermore, it offers extra protection, particularly for usb drives. Different antivirus programs cannot perform in the exist of another antivirus program. However, it can work as well as provide assistance to the other programs. Moreover, it provides the second layer of protection to the system. Smadav Pro Serial Key can be workable, potent, and keep running within the exist of other programs. This program has its own originality, like conduct, heuristics, and whitelisting. This technology is fruitful to identify and clean the virus. Besides, it develops the security of the system. Its canal system also protects the system from other harmful programs.

Smadav Keygen is very good for security and protection of computer. It find out all types of harmful contents and removes them. It also improves the performance of an operating system. After finding out, it also removes the threats to the security of order. This edition is a standout amongst the most liberal and genuine antivirus. It can keep safe the systems from all kinds of viruses attacks. All essential things are also present, which are need for antivirus databases. Smadav Pro Activation Key is perfect and decent antivirus. It is not too fraught an antivirus program regardless it takes much time to finish. It provides protection against other malicious contents.

This system can filter for harmful data in the library. Notwithstanding scanning and perfectly protecting the system from viruses. It is standing at the high of the catalog. However, it shows up as though the fabulous registry cleaner. Moreover it sorts out the entire capacities into straightforward tabs. It also gives a unique feature named drainage capital. Drainage capital gives an adequate reward over the best downloads. Smadav Pro Registration Key saves the usb drives versus all types of viruses. The user can set it for additional antivirus protection. It works as background protection. Besides it provides 100% protection even it is scanning. Its ideal security features provide proactive protection to the system. It also continues the performance of the system even during the process. It is authentic to install and simple to use.

Smadav gives effective virus protection with a single click. Moreover you can do direct update it by web association. Else, this program also updates itself automatically. It can change its colour themes too. The user will have to choose a color theme and set the time to change. It has a quicker scanning method and finishes it quickly. The user can also fitting a secret password for operating it. Smadav Pro Serial key also appears with many improvements in this fresh version. For example, different capacities of scanning, tools, settings, and so on. The user can take the best exceeding protection for his PC and usb drives. Besides, the user can improve his system performance through it. Easily check this application once you receive more benefits. You can also download Smadav Pro Serial Key FREE

Smadav latest versionAdvantages of Smadav pro:

Automatic update online:

  • It updates itself automatically. It also can convert itself into a fresh modification without the user’s command. Discordant to the free Smadav, despite everything, you require to do the refresh physically by downloading in

Quickest scanning:

  • Smadav provides you with the faster scanning method. It can work separating by record compose. Therefore, Smadav Pro Free download just sweeps the documents were in all likelihood tainted with an infection.

Exclusion list:

  • SmadAV has some exception list. This component can supervise (disregard) examining the files, folders, and specific registry.

Changing the theme color:

  • Smadav can change the theme colour by the user’s selection. In the topic shading settings, the user can select his favorite colour.

Profit use permit:

  • SmadAV also takes into mind the non benefit use of systems at home.

Admin Password:

  • If you are an admin and ought to boundary the usage Smadav. You can add a secret word to get to the full components of Smadav. Moreover, the user can perform contamination, separating, and cleaning. Besides, the user can restrict its features, updates, gadgets, and settings by a password.

Smadav Pro Key Features:

  • It helps to protect from virus attacks.
  • It provides highly protection for your system.
  • Develops the system’s performance.
  • It gives 100% against the other dangerous contents too.
  • The best usb antivirus prevent virus which transfers through usb drives.
  • It effective on both offline as well as online.
  • One virus by user, to physically comprise your presume document for infection cleaning in the system.
  • A strong process manager produces a high speed performance.
  • It cleans the virus and other infections.
  • It gives a unique case rundown and examining the files.
    provides security to the usb drives.
  • Hinders the virus that slows down the performance.
  • Moreover, the system proofreader changes some options.
  • Win-Force is able to open some system administration programs.
  • Besides many bugs are fixed.
  • Blocks all kinds of ransomware.
  • And so on.


  • Useful usb drives protection.
  • It removes all new thumb drive harmful files.
  • It hinders viruses from spreading to portable devices.


  • You will not get password protection in the free edition.
  • Moreover, the exceptional list not available.
  • Furthermore, the auto update is also disabled.

Download Smadav Antivirus 14 Terbaru 2022

Smadav AntivirusIt is an excellent software to protect your your PC. It is really an awesome antivirus for all windows. This software is toally safe and secure, protects antivirus in real time, make sure that your Windows PC saves yourself all time. It primarily works as additional protection for your computer, mainly for the whole fledged usb flash drive. This software makes its full attempts to make computer performance better. Moreover, it assists you to release the slow computer process. This is a software which provides you with poly tools. You can manage operational applications with these tools. You can simply have the view of changing the option of viruses.

You will get update directly by Smadav 2022 Crack if latest version comes. It provides you the substitute of the immediate update and tools category in the apps. The pro version of Smadav gives the choice of an exceptional list of changing themes colors. The program is portable use, by means it not take big space. The software keeps high tech or older hardware configurations without any negative affecting. In this process, by the use of cleaning and detection features your computer tackle simply with these sorts of program. Furthermore, Anti-ransomware protects from dangers which encode your file in the form of viruses. The more interesting thing about this software that you can simply export statistics for Smadav developments.

Smadav Antivirus Gratis is very good to protect PCs from adware, the latest malware, and spyware. It permits you to finish the rack files to increase the space for hard disk drive storage. The program decreases disturbances of apps, virus infected files, and documents. The key complete version downloads all the hazardous from the email data download and contradicts trojan viruses, insects, and outer viruses. It protects not only from viruses but also clean all contamination. So, it helps you to let you not to lose the data.

Smadav Antivirus Full is best for offline use so in order that there is no need to update it very often. Therefore, it is planned to use with computers that have minimal opportunities to connect with the internet. Moreover, it detects the infected files, detects not only viruses, but also finds trow zens and vern file etc. It is one of the most effective antivirus distinct from other trojan checkers. It can only work instantly and saves your valuable time from wasting. You can do all of this by just a single click, by this click process of the software will start. You can also download Smadav Free Latest Version

Smadav Antivirus windowsSmadav Antivirus Terbaru Key Features:

  • This software provides you the options of the direct update and tools section.
  • It is an advanced software by a single click technique it saves yours time from wasting
  • This program cleans up all the waste files and makes space for storing of the hard drive.
  • The antivirus takes a tiny area of 5MB or beneath, and under 1% take utilization of cpu.
  • Moreover, you can realize it easily, no matter you are professional or beginner.
  • It is a low resources antivirus that can also use with a weak internet connection.
  • Moreover it protects you from the reach of hackers and safe your crucial details
  • The Antivirus aids you to safe your usb fully.
  • Furthermore, it helps to make clear and exude out your flash drives from trojans.
  • The apps permits you to clean the dangerous files.
  • You can download other antivirus programs with the help it.
    Therefore ,the users can get the additional security of their system
  • The software fixes registry issues in the infected device
  • You can find your own choice of colors for the theme.

What’s New In Smadav complete Cracked Version?

It informs you momentarily at more than 54 infections. The Smadav antivirus software does not need any professional person. It doesn’t matter you are a fresher or not, you can smoothly run it. It performs the function to fix registry issues in the infected machine. Besides its torrent contains the new option of the restart computer, for powerful viruses cleaning. It gives you security from hackers and their attempts.

  • It is the group of the database of 106 new microorganisms which harm your computer.
  • Then Smadav free will display messages each setup.
  • Updated themes for the users.
  • It able to fix all the bugs in software.
  • It provides online protection from hackers and other users.
  • Best in finding and washing of usb virus.
  • Development of the complete performance of the software for people.
  • Smadav is a leading antivirus software which supports you in safe your computer at its best level.
  • It can work in all categories of windows and require the small space.
  • The main objective of this software to protect your PC from all treacherous attacks of hackers and viruses.
  • It offers you online security from hackers.
  • So download this software as quickly as possible and help your computer to protect from harmful worms, viruses, and malware so on.
  • You will become 100 percent tension less from attacking of viruses.

Smadav Keygen Free Download

SmadavSmadav pro is very smart antivirus software. It is one of the best antivirus program which provides you second pro layer protection to shield your data from virus attack. It is the best expression antivirus software which is made possible for all Windows OS. Maximum antivirus software cannot able to install other antiviruses. Besides, antiviruses principally planned for managing reality in your computer.

Then, you will get a sense of receiving the option of viruses. Smadav terbaru hit can run well although there have been other antivirus on your PC because of this software designed as subsidiary protection. Moreover, you can download and run collection antivirus diligence with the running of Smadav pro split. The system editor delights personal features.

Admin password and business features are effective for the user to maintain the fitness of their system. Besides, Smadav Keygen Generator promoted by zainuddin navarin. The program recommends you update it as quickly as possible when the latest version comes. Moreover, Smadav offers enough security for the usb flash disk and supports you to get relieved of the conceal infected files.

Smadav enables you to clean your PC with just a single click. The users can get the extra protection of their system. It basically used toward organisations or standards.e. companies, cafes, studios, and shops,and so on. You can also download Smadav Portable

Smadav windowsSmadav Keygen Latest Features:

  • This software doesn’t require to be updated over and over again like different antiviruses programs.
  • The best usb antivirus security helps you to gain clarity and weep out your flash drives.
  • Furthermore, download Smadav full can fix registry problems in the infected machine.
  • This software scans the infected files at fast turbo activity and deletes the viruses in your system.
  • Then, If you think the performance of Smadav, it’s watching too small or too big then you can resize it.
  • Moreover, you can change the color theme, if you don’t prefer it, and find the color of your particular choice in the setting.
  • When fresh versions are available, it manually updates it online with an internet connection without the command of the user.
  • It provides a reservation list in order that you can ignore scanning those folders, files, or a specific registry which you consider safe in your computer.

What is New in Smadav Pro Key free?

  • We fixed bug/error issues.
  • Fresh themes added for users.
  • This Online assurance of PC from hackers and another third party user.
  • Its enhancement of terms, conditions, and arrangements for getting Smadav.
  • Detection and cleaning keygen Smadav Pro usb virus and adware are developed.
  • Key gratis detection database added in the update version for 200 kinds of fresh viruses.

Why people use Smadav Pro version?

  • Moreover, you can get rid of the assault of viruses.
  • It uses the scanty memory of your machine.
  • Completely operate with all other antivirus software.
  • You can quickly monitor the viruses which are not in your database
  • It is risk free of any threat or germs in your usb flash drives while using this software.
  • That’s why, it is very effective software to protect from antivirus.